Providing advice to commercial clients is what we do every day.We provide and policies that are practical and relevant to our client’s needs. These commercial property insurance policies are tailored to meet the complexity, or simplicity of your investments.

With insurance it is important to remember one size does not fit all.An overly simplified insurance policy may place investors at higher risk

Adelaide Hills Commercial Property Insurance

What Is Commercial Property Insurance?

Commercial Property Insurance protects your buildings whether they are a factories, warehouses, an office building or even retail premises. If you own a building that you lease to a commercial tenant then you need commercial property insurance to insure against loss or damage due to fire, water, accidental damage and more.

Commercial property insurance is designed to insure you from loss in the event of damage to your commercial premises. You receive a payout to compensate for the damages or loss against your property.

How Do We Help?

It is important to be aware of the inclusions and exclusions included within your property insurance policy. We provide unbiased advice and support to assist you selecting the appropriate cover and level of cover for your property.

What Do We Do?

Our main focus when locating the appropriate insurance cover for you are asset (property) protection, cash flow protection (lease payments), disruption to business operations, or unforeseen events.

Our in depth understanding of insurance and insurance policies along with an understanding of your business allows us to discover an appropriate insurance for your retail, industrial or office properties.

Our services include:

  • Commercial property site survey
  • Risk assessments
  • Providing clients with data to effectively consider insurance options.

Our insurance recommendations are undertaken jointly with you.Providing you with a higher level of confidence, security and identifying any cost benefits.

We can help you find the right commercial property insurance policy for your business

Tailored Insurance Policies

Commercial property insurance should be tailored to your individual needs. As each client is different we take the time to understand your situation so that we can then seek the appropriate insurance cover for your situation.

Our experienced insurance brokers will assist you in calculating the appropriate level of cover, to ensure that you are fully insured.

Beware of the consequences of under-insuring in order to save on premium costs. If you need to make a claim, and it the insurance company determines that you are under-insured, you will receive a lesser payout than you may have anticipated.

To discuss your specific requirements and the types of insurance available please contact Fleurieu& Hills Insurance.

Our Insurance Brokers can help you find the best insurance policies for your business

Who Can I Talk To About Commercial Property Insurance?

Without adequate insurance protection you could be exposing yourself and what you have worked so hard to build to financial ruin.

To protect your property assets,contact Fleurieu& Hills Insurance today to discuss your commercial property insurance requirements. We can match your needs with the proper cover and the most appropriate insurer.

When we discuss your requirements we will advise you about the risks that you may not have thought about, such as theft by tenants and flood cover.