There is no such thing as a policy that covers everything however by using only high quality policy wordings your success at claims time is far greater.

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What is the difference between using a highly experienced broker and dealing direct with an insurer at claims time?

As brokers we represent your best interest at claim time. We generally negotiate far better settlement offers than those choosing to deal direct with the insurers claims handlers. We are on your side, not the insurers. We are to ensure that you receive all that you are legally entitled to.

What happens if my insurer denies my claim or offers me far less that what I have lost?

That’s where we also come to help. We will deal with the claims department on your behalf, through the entire process and try to negotiate a better outcome for you. If we believe that the insurer is incorrect in their decisions, we will challenge this through the correct processes including taking your claim to the Australian Financial Complaints Authority if necessary to have an independent decision made. Sometimes we have a differing view from insurers or the area of the claim is somewhat grey. This is done with utmost respect for all parties concerned.

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