Frequently Asked Insurance Questions

How do I know that my insurance will be enough?

Answer: We provide assistance in helping you determine how much is likely to be needed and what types of cover you are likely to need. We actually ask you what you would like your insurance to do.


How do I go about a claim if I need to claim on my insurance?

Answer: You call us and we will immediately guide, assist and help you prepare and lodge your claim with the insurer. We will also ensure that you receive all you are entitled to under your policy.


How do I know that my premiums are the cheapest for the cover we have.

Answer: We compare your premium and covers EVERY YEAR  by obtaining quotes with the insurers that will insure your specific risk and provide you access to those quotes.


How do I know which is the best insurance for me?

Answer: We use a discovery process to thoroughly analyse what you are likely to need and importantly ask you what you want your insurance to achieve. We then seek quotes from our insurer panel based upon your needs.