Our Approach

We thoroughly research your business and the threats to your type of business; we conduct a thorough and in-depth analysis of your business and its needs through our “Discovery” process.

We also conduct a thorough risk survey of your premises. In addition, we do an in-depth review of your contractual arrangements including leases and supply contracts from an insurance perspective.

We can also arrange for professional valuations (where required) of your buildings, plant and equipment to establish your actual replacement values should they be destroyed.

We present a fully detailed report of our recommended insurance solutions. We get deeply involved in claims to ensure you receive all you are entitled to including challenging decisions by Insurers where appropriate to ensure you are properly and fairly treated.

Why Choose Us?



We will match the best policy with your needs.


Detail oriented

We don’t miss the fine details.


We genuinely care about our clients.


Personal Service

With you every step of the way.



Stellar reputation and track record.


Get Protected

We help you get adequate cover.



Business Insurance can provide cover for your business’ premises and contents, against loss, damage or theft.
It also can cover your financial loss from an insured interruption to your business.

Building Insurance which covers your physical buildings and associated structures which you own against events such as fire, storm, impact, damage caused by bursting or leaking of pipes as well as accidental damage.

Each business insurance policy needs to be tailored to the needs of your business. We have access to a very wide range of business insurance policies providing very broad coverage.

Farm / Rural

Not all farm insurance policies are the same and all offer differing levels and scope of cover. We often find farms unknowingly, heavily under-insured. We photograph and measure all your buildings and measure all your fencing (using high resolution imagery) to ensure you have enough cover should a major catastrophe occur. We use up date technology to enable us to do this.


Protecting your business insurance is now an essential part of protecting businesses. We carry out a “Cyber Audit” to both educate and alert you to many of the ways your business can suffer from a cyber event. Most businesses are blissfully unaware of how vulnerable they are. We have access to quality cyber insurance products to help minimize the effects of a cyber-attack on your business.

Professional Indemnity

Do you design, give advice or certify your work? If you do, your business requires professional indemnity protection. Many businesses we come across are of the belief their public liability insurance will protect them for these types of events. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Directors and Officers Liability

Being in charge of a company or business brings certain obligations on you as a director. It can be easy to fall foul of the various laws and Acts and find yourself and your business under legal attack. Directors and Officers insurance is there to protect in these circumstances.

Management Liability

If your business has employees, this cover is now pretty well mandatory. Management Liability can provide you with protection from Occupational Health and Safety actions, Discrimination issues, Staff Theft, Statutory Fines and Penalties awarded against you amongst many others.


Comprehensively protecting your motor fleet with high quality Commercial Motor policies is essential for the continued operation of your business should a critical vehicle go down. A thorough review each year of values of your vehicles is critical as commercial vehicles often rise in value depending on external economic factors. We have access to excellent commercial motor products with very reputable insurers and each insurer’s risk appetite can vary considerably even from year to year.

Motor Trade

Having a high-quality specialized motor trade policy is essential if you repair motor vehicles.
There are only a limited number of insurers offering this type of product and depending on your area of specialization, the premiums and scope of cover offered can vary dramatically. Repairs gone wrong can lead to expensive remediation and having a very high-quality cover is essential in this area of insurance. The devil is in the detail.

Tradesman’s Insurance

Tradesmen have very specific needs when it comes to their insurance. If you are a sub-contractor or sub-contract out yourself, making sure your insurance does not exclude these arrangements is critical. We more often than not, see tradesmen’s insurance incorrectly constructed leaving very serious gaps in their cover. Are you working under a written contract? If so, and your insurance professional has not checked it out, there are often clauses in contracts that have the effect of invalidating your insurance unknowingly. Don’t get caught. If your insurance professional has not asked for a copy of your contracts to check them, then you could easily be in serious danger.

Public Liability

Not all Public Liability policies are the same. Public Liability insurance provides protection against your liability for damage to people or property caused or contributed by your negligence for which you are legally liable.

Having a high-quality Public Liability is essential for your protection. We see many “Cheap and Nasty” liability policies on the market that will let you down at claim time. We have access to many high quality liability policies to properly protect your business.

Association Liability

Association Liability Insurance incorporates elements of professional indemnity cover and management liability cover to protect your organisation, office bearers and employees against legal costs and damages expenses that could arise from allegations of misconduct, breach of duty, mismanagement and more. It is an essential cover for any incorporated organisation.

Sporting Clubs

Insurance for sporting clubs is a highly specialized area. There are very specific insurance products for sporting clubs which provide a far broader scope of cover than the standard business pack insurance we often come across. If you need an assessment of your needs compared to your current cover for your club, please contact us we have been insuring sporting clubs for decades.

Strata – Commercial & Residential

Strata insurance is a policy designed for residential strata, group and community title properties, body corporates, owners, corporations, and strata managers. A strata policy of insurance normally covers properties within the one building, complex or block of land.

Cargo / Transit

Covering goods whilst in transit whether by land sea or air can be a tricky business for both the carrier and the owner of the goods being carried. This is a highly complex area of insurance and should only be arranged by those skilled in transit cover. We have decades of experience arranging this type of cover.

Voluntary Workers

Covering the members of your club or organisation against injuries sustained whilst working in a voluntary capacity is an essential part of insurance for a club or community based organisation. Some policies will cover loss of income in certain circumstances as well as lump sums for specific types of injuries.


Landlord insurance is a type of insurance policy specifically designed to protect those who own investment properties from the risks that come with renting it out. There can be many differences in quality of the various landlord policies on the market. We use only high-quality landlords policies to ensure our clients have the best protection.

House and Contents

Under-insured house insurance is a huge problem in Australia as many find out when they unfortunately experience a catastrophic event.  Having the right level of cover and using high quality policy coverages is what we do at Fleurieu & Hills Insurance. The difference in quality of policy wordings in this area of the insurance market is enormous. We only use policies that cover you worldwide against accidental loss or damage.

Motor Vehicle

Insuring your motor vehicle correctly is essential to ensuring a claim when you incur damage covers all that you would expect it to cover. Making sure you note all your accessories and very importantly, any modifications will ensure you receive a better outcome at claims time. If in the unfortunate event your vehicle is written off, we can ensure you receive a realistic settlement other than just the first offer which is often below the true market value of the vehicle. We have had many successes in substantially increasing offers first made on a written off vehicle.

Don’t take our word for it, hear what our happy clients have to say!


“We highly recommend Fleurieu & Hills Insurance to everyone. Graeme kindly offered his assistance to assess a complex issue we were attempting to solely navigate. An issue created by our (previous) insurance company/broker through their inadequacy. Graemes genuine empathetic nature had him stand firmly by our side. Utilising a wealth of industry experience, knowledge and networks, Graeme advocated on our behalf until a complete, favourable outcome was achieved. Thank you, Graeme.”

– Colin & Kat McPherson, Maude Street Butcher

“To know you have the right level of insurance cover for your home or business provides great piece of mind. If your not sure just have a chat with these guys, they will do an assessment and put your mind at rest. Their knowledge and customer service is second to none.”

– Julie Irwin

“Graeme Jameson was recommended to us by very happy clients. He is an expert broker – he knows more about insurance than anyone we know. Graeme is experienced, thorough and empathetic – he cares about every client and gives extraordinary service. When we had a problem with our insurance company, Graeme jumped in and went beyond the call of duty and persisted until it was fixed. He delivered results way beyond our expectations!! We highly recommend Graeme to anyone and everyone. Graeme Jameson is a champion. Thank you Graeme and your team.”

– Andrew Matthews

“We have been very happy with the service provided ay Fleurieu & Hills Insurance. As a semi-rural property of 18 acres, Graeme was able to tailor our insurance specifically where other brokers could not. As a result, we have full confidence that we are adequately covered. Thanks Graeme and team.”

–  Grant & Hollie Coleman

“Best customer service I have ever had from an insurance company. Graeme was very thorough in analysing what our company needed, and presented us with the best insurance products. I feel safe knowing that if we have to do a claim that Graeme will be supportive and do his best to get the best outcome for us. Michelle is also a fantastic support. I am so glad we have chosen Fleurieu and Hills Insurance, we would not go anywhere else. Well done Graeme and Michelle!”

– South Vac Hydro Excavation


Why should I use an Insurance Broker instead of dealing direct with the insurer or arrange myself online?

As insurance brokers, we have intimate knowledge of the strength and weaknesses of various insurance products. We can advise which products are better suited to your needs. We have access to very high quality policies with reputable insurers.

How do I know that your insurance will protect me?

We take the time to understand what your specific needs and insurable threats to your business are. Dealing direct you are dealing with order takers only. They do not give specific advice and you alone have to determine if the product you are choosing is suitable. The insurer will not advise you on this.

Do insurance brokers cost extra?

We charge a small annual fee that enables us to spend much more time analysing your needs, research for suitable products, represent you at claims time and provide personal service. You have a dedicated professional looking after your needs at all times.

What happens at claim time?

At claim time, we are working for you and not the insurer. We make sure your claim is treated fairly and in utmost good faith by the insurer making sure you receive all you are entitled to. From time to time an insurer will reduce a claim or deny a claim which we think should be paid. When this happens, we go to bat for you making your case with the insurer and seek to have them reverse or improve their previous decision. Occasionally, when they still continue to deny or move on their offer and we believe that you have a legitimate claim, we will take your claim through to the Australia Financial Complaints Authority to have them decide. We do not charge for this service.

Many of our Google reviews reflect our fighting and winning on our clients behalf.

Do you visit our business or do we have to come to you?

We prefer to visit your business personally for many reasons. Firstly, you get to meet who is looking after you. Secondly, we often see things that are relevant to an insurer and if not disclosed or remedied, could threaten the validity of your insurance. We also spot potential risk management issues to help you further protect your business. It is a far better way of doing business and our clients are always telling us we do it way different and more thoroughly than our competitors.

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